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P-flector® • Potty Training - without the mess.

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A Note to Our Customers:

A Quick PROGRESS UPDATE on Our Efforts to Resolve the P-flector® Tape Issues
(Nov. 4, 2019)

WE ARE BACK! Thank you for your patience and continued support while we worked to improve our customers' experience with the tape that holds the P-flector® to the toilet seat.  We really appreciate it!  We are now BACK ON AMAZON!  
Joseph Conrad

CEO & Owner
For Kids By Parents, Inc.  

Tape Refund Solution

We've Improved the P-flector®'s Tape Experience for Our Customers

The feedback we receive from our customers is very important to us.  It was instrumental in helping us identify and resolve the issues with the tape that kept us away for the better part of a year.  Take a look at our video to see how we used your feedback to create a much better P-flector® tape experience. 


Stop kids from peeing through the GAP between the toilet seat and toilet bowl.

Keeps clothes dry • Keeps floors dry • Easy to attach • Easy to clean • Keeps outside of toilet & floor clean

P-flector on a Seat 

The P-flector® conforms to the shape on any toilet seat.

Oval Shaped Toilet Seat Round Toilet Seat


(Creative Child Magazine)

Creative Child Magazine awarded the P-flector® its 2019 Product of the Year Award in its "Potty Training" catagory.  We are so Happy and Excited to have won this award!

Creative Child Magazine - P-flector 2019 Product of the Year


Creative Child Magazine - 2019 Product of the Year

See the P-flector® in action in our P-flector® Demo Video below

Kids Laying on Grass

Kids Laughing

P-flector® was nominated for the 2018 ABC Kids Expo's "NEW PRODUCT AWARD of DISTINCTION" in the Parent Helpers catagory.

While we didn't win, the nomination was AWESOME!

New Product Showcase Flyer
Family with Kids