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A Note to Our Customers:

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Amazon Customers.  Because of your feedback about the tape, we are currently beta testing our New Product that will allow  P-flector® attachment to the toilet seat WITHOUT the need for tape on the P-flector®.  While this product is still in development, we are very excited about this new addition to our product line!  We're hoping to begin production on this new addition by mid-2023.  

I'd like to also give an even BIGGER THANK YOU to all of those Customers who agreed to be Beta Testers for this product!  Your support and feedback is very much appreciated.  

We'll provide updates, pictures and video on this new addition as we get closer to production.  

Demand for the P-flector® has exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful to those who have purchased from us; and we’re especially grateful to those who have reached out to us with questions and comments.  Your feedback is helping us make the P-flector® a better product.  Thank you for your interest and continued support. 

(Oct. 10, 2022)

Joseph Conrad
CEO & Owner
For Kids By Parents, Inc. 


P-flector Tape Strip 3-Pack P-flector® Tape Strip 3-Pack

P-flector® • Potty Training - without the mess.

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Stop kids from peeing through the GAP between the toilet seat and toilet bowl.

Keeps clothes dry • Keeps floors dry • Easy to attach • Easy to clean • Keeps outside of toilet & floor clean



(Creative Child Magazine)

We did it again! For the 4th year in a row, Creative Child Magazine awarded the P-flector® its Product of the Year Award in its "Potty Training" category.  We are so happy and excited to have won this award again!

Creative Child Awards 2021 Product of the Year Award Creative Child Awards 2020 Product of the Year Award

2022 Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award Recipient

We are so happy that the P-flector®  and For Kids By Parents, Inc. are recipients of the prestigious  Baby Maternity Magazine's TOP CHOICE AWARD.  A big thank you to Baby Maternity Magazine and all the judges who selected us for this prestegious award.  We are very appreciative.  

2021 Mom's Choice Award Recipient

We are so happy that the P-flector ® and For Kids By Parents, Inc. are recipients of the prestigious  Mom's Choice Award.  It's an honor to be counted among the best family-friendly media,  products and services by the Mom's Choice Awards® team.

Mom's Choice Awards 2021

The P-flector® conforms to the shape on any toilet seat.

Can Also Be Attached to Some Curved Bottom Seats

While the P-flector® was designed specifically for flat bottom toilet seats, they can be attached to some seats with a curved bottom.


(Elongated Seat)


(Elongated Seat)

P-flector® Demo Video

See the P-flector® in action.

Applying/Reapplying Tape to the 
P-flector ®

Here's a quick tutorial on how to attach the extra tape, when needed. 

(Note: We've added the step of using the bottom of a spoon to apply extra pressure to the tape tabs after applying to the P-flector ®.  We're also updating our instruction inserts to reflect this addition.)


Attaching P-flector® to the Toilet Seat

Here's a quick tutorial on how to attach the P-flector® to the toilet seat.

We've Improved the P-flector®'s Tape Experience for Our Customers

The feedback we receive from our customers is very important to us.  It was instrumental in helping us identify and resolve the issues with the tape that kept us away for the better part of a year.  Take a look at our video to see how we used your feedback to create a much better P-flector® tape experience. 

P-flector® Tape Strip 3-Pack 

Even though the P-flector® comes with an extra tape strip, at some point after use, more tape may be needed.  Extra tape is now available from Amazon.com

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P-flector® was nominated for the 2018 ABC Kids Expo's "NEW PRODUCT AWARD of DISTINCTION" in the Parent Helpers category.

While we didn't win, the nomination was AWESOME!

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