Helping families keep bathrooms "urine-free" by blocking the toilet seat gap.

  • We started with potty-training kids…

    to help those transitioning from a potty seat to an adult toilet seat remain confident as they continue their journey...

  • then expanded to cover kids and ADULTS of all ages

    Regardless of the seated toilet seat user’s age, their urine stream will inevitably pass through the toilet seat gap, creating urine puddles, staining the toilet front and floor and wetting the user’s clothes.

  • P-flector logo; P-flector attached to toilet seat; P-flector unattached to seat

    Cleaning up this toilet mishap is frustrating and time consuming.

    The P-flector® urine deflector provides a solution by preventing urine from passing through the toilet seat gap. The P-flector® saves you time by avoiding the need to clean up this mess and helps keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

P-flector® Helping Families Keep Bathrooms Urine-free

For Potty Training Kids Transitioning to Adult Toilet Seats

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Parents are the first problem solvers for their kids.  We are always looking for ways to protect, encourage, educate and entertain them.  As parents, we are also looking for ways to save ourselves time in handling the challenges of raising one or more kids.

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Parents are essentially the mothers and fathers of invention; what a resourceful and creative bunch we are! If a solution to a particularly annoying parenting problem is not commercially available, depending on how annoying the problem is, we create the solution.  In the process of trying to make our kids’ lives safer and more fulfilling, and our lives as parents less time consuming, we collectively created the juvenile products industry!

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