Potty-training Kids Transitioning to Adult Toilet Seats is a BIG DEAL!

Potty-training Kids Transitioning to Adult Toilet Seats is a BIG DEAL!

Your ‘Little One’ is not so little anymore.

It’s amazing how quickly they grow up! They’ve made so many transitions along the way – from bottle to sippy-cup; baby food to solid food; highchair to adult kitchen chair booster seat; infant car seat to toddler booster seat – and, well you get the idea.  All the while, moms and dads are actively engaged in helping them through, making sure their little guy or girl feels safe, secure, and confident throughout whichever transition they’re going through. 

In addition to the guidance and encouragement that moms and dads provide through these transitions, they’re also busy with things like cleaning up spills, and food that spends more time on your kid’s face, in their hands or on the floor, than in their mouth; and vacuuming up cheerios and goldfish from the back seat and floor of the car.  Having an ample supply of baby wipes is an absolute must. 

Another major transition for kids (and parents) is when they go from diapers to the toilet.  For parents, it’s no more diapers – no more changes in the car or on store/restaurant bathroom changing tables.  For the kids, it’s confidence and the pride of being a “big” boy or girl.  They love seeing the joy on their parents faces when they’ve “nailed it.”

During this transition, many parents start with a potty seat that they place over an adult size seat to help their child avoid the fear of falling into the toilet.  This also helps their child get comfortable with the process of sitting on the seat and focusing on the task at hand.  When they first start this new process, it takes a while for boys to learn how to control their aim.  Many of these potty seats have a pee splash guard or urine shield positioned above the seat to prevent the child’s urine stream from going over and a shield below, to prevent the stream from going through the gap between the seat and bowl. So, the parents don’t have to worry too much about cleaning up any urine since these potty seats help to keep the urine in the toilet.  But, as with all transitions, your kids will eventually outgrow the potty seat and move onto an adult toilet seat.

For your little guy, by the time he gets to an adult seat he knows that he’s not supposed to pee over the top of the seat, but it can take some time for him to master his urine stream’s aim into the toilet.  As is often the case, they pee through the gap between the seat and bowl.  This results in their clothes getting wet, stains down the front of the toilet seat and urine puddles on the floor in front of the toilet.  As loving parents, we must change their clothes and clean up the mess, while at the same time helping them through the process with encouragement to keep trying. 

The P-flector® urine deflector can help your not-so-little-anymore potty-training child navigate their adult toilet seat journey with confidence by blocking the toilet seat gap to keep them from peeing through, thereby keeping their clothes clean and dry, and keeping you from having to clean up any resulting mess and/or change their clothes. The P-flector® therefore creates an enjoyable potty-training experience for both parents and their potty-training child transitioning to an adult toilet seat.

What’s your potty-training transition story?  Let us know at our Contact Us page, with the subject line “My potty-training transition.” We’d love to hear about it!

The P-flector® is available at p-flector.com and Amazon.com.

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