Supercharge Your Cleaning with the P-flector®

Supercharge Your Cleaning with the P-flector®

If you’re charged with keeping your family’s bathrooms “spic and span,” and you’ve got male members in your household, then you well know the peculiar challenges their urine splashes present.  

Even when boys and men sit to pee, they can still “miss” the toilet bowl and accidentally direct their pee stream towards the gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl, splashing pee out onto your bathroom floor.

Most times, they are oblivious to what has happened, failing to clean up their own mess, instead, leaving this little gem for you!

Before you can get to it, the urine dries, forming uric acid crystals that emit an “ammonia” odor over time.

This foul odor can be renewed over time by humid conditions or rewetting.

Moreover, these crystals don’t just linger―they can bind to bathroom surfaces, making the smell difficult to eliminate even with diligent cleaning.

Using the strongest of cleaning products doesn’t always oust the smell completely but instead only temporarily masks it.

Especially, the base of your toilet is an area where urine can accumulate and dry, often unnoticed.

Also, porous materials like tile grout absorb urine, trapping the smell and causing stubborn discoloration.

Surface cleaning often proves insufficient to address these deeply ingrained stains.

Incorporating the P-flector® splash prevention device into your cleaning product arsenal can elevate your fight against urine to a new level.

The P-flector® is a patented toilet splash guard that acts as a pee shield for the toilet.

When properly mounted beneath your toilet seat, the P-flector® acts as a urine deflector, deflecting a pee stream directed towards the gap between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl back into the toilet bowl, thereby preventing urine splashes onto your bathroom floor.

Why not supercharge your bathroom cleaning routine with the revolutionary P-flector® toilet urine shield?

After all, the easiest dried urine splash to clean from your bathroom floor is the one that never landed there in the first place.

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