The P-flector® - It’s Not Just for Kids; Adults Need It Too!

The P-flector® - It’s Not Just for Kids; Adults Need It Too!

When we created the P-flector® it was conceived as a kids’ potty-training product – a toilet seat splash guard/urine deflector to block the gap between the toilet seat and bowl to prevent seated kids from peeing through the gap. We saw the P-flector® as a bathroom hygiene product that helped busy parents and caregivers keep their bathrooms clean and save time by avoiding the need to change a child’s clothes and clean up the mess caused by this potty-training mishap.

Once we started selling the P-flector®, we soon discovered that it was not just for kids; we had a growing number of adults, seniors and special needs caregivers purchasing the P-flector®.  So, we learned that peeing through the gap is a common occurrence for adults as well.  In addition to protecting the floor in front of the toilet from urine puddles and stains, the P-flector® helps seated adults avoid the embarrassment of wetting their clothes and the hassle of cleaning up their mess.   

In keeping with the theme of seated adults, we came across a Men’s Health article that discussed a study by researchers at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.  This study determined that men who sat down to pee were able to empty their bladders faster and more effectively. Here’s a link to the article: Men's Health - "It's Official, Sitting Down to Pee Is Good For Your Health".  With more men sitting down for better health, the P-flector® can certainly help them have a worry-free experience.       

So, we are very happy that the P-flector® has developed into a toilet urine shield for males of all ages; and really appreciate the support from our adult male customers.    

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